SolarEdge RS485 Überspannungsschutz-Kit für Wechselrichter mit SetApp-Konfiguration (kompatibel mit 3PH SE25K, 30K-40K)


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The SolarEdge RS485 surge protection kit for inverters with SetApp configuration (compatible with 3PH SE25K, 30K-40K) can be inserted directly into a suitable inverter. This can also be done with existing installations, no adjustments need to be made. This plug-in device protects the inverter against surges of electricity. For example by lightning strikes.

Compatible inverters:

SolarEdge 3PH inverter, 25kW
SolarEdge 3PH inverter, 30kW
SolarEdge 3PH inverter, 33.3kW
SolarEdge 3PH inverter, 40kW

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Artikelnummer SE-RS485-SPD3-B-K4
Marke SolarEdge
Hersteller SolarEdge
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Herstellungsland Israel
Garantie in Jahren 5
HS-code 85176200

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