Growatt 1PH Wechselrichter MIC 800TL-X


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The Growatt MIC 800-X is a light and compact residetial inverter. The maximum DC voltage is 500V, a start voltage of 50V and a nominal voltage of 120V. There is one MPPT with a a maximum input of 13A. Safety is an important aspect, accomplished with several features. Amongst these features are a DC switch, surge protection and option for AFCI.

Lightweight and compact

With just 6kgs, it’s a very light inverter that’s also quite compact in size. This makes the inverter easily and quickly placeable by a single installer, making it save time and money.

Safety and reliability

The Growatt MIC 800-X has various safety characteristics. There is DC reverse polarity protection, a DC switch and surge protection on both sides. AFCI, or Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter, is optional. Another feature that contributes to both safety and reliability is the use of natural convection cooling, rather than a mechanical cooling system. There are less moving parts, which means less maintenance and less risk of malfunctions.

Artikelnummer PV00.0044700
Marke Growatt
Hersteller Growatt
Herstellungsland China
Garantie in Jahren 10
HS-code 85044085
Wechselrichter Typ String
Anzahl der Phasen Einphasig
Max. DC-Eingangsleistung (W) 1050
AC-Ausgangsnennleistung 800
Anzahl MPPT 1
Schutzart (IP) IP65
Weitere Informationen
Geeignet für Außenmontage Ja
DC Switch Ja
Überspannungsschutz Typ II DC & AC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Ja
Trafo Nein
Anzeigen Ja
WLAN Optional (nicht inbegriffen)
Ethernet Optional
Breite (mm) 274
Höhe (mm) 254
Tiefe (mm) 138
Gewicht (kg) 6