SMA Sunny Boy 3.0-1AV-41


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The SMA Sunny Boy 3kW single phase inverter is not only easy and quick to install, but also easy to manage and monitor. The Shadefix shadow management system, previously known as OptiTrac Global Peak, is another plus of the SMA inverters. SMA Smart Connected is a system with which SMA continuously monitors all connected inverters.

Easy & fast installation

The Sunny Boy 3.0-1AV-41 is the first of a series of five slightly heavier variants of the Sunny Boys, but with 17.5 kg, these inverters are still relatively light and easy to assemble by one person. The installation is also easy to complete by accessing the user interface with, for example, a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. There is no need to open the inverter. All inverters are also automatically monitored by SMA with the SMA Smart Connected system.


Shadefix, as OptiTrac Global Peak is now called, is a shadow management system. This ensures optimisation of the inverters in case panels are partly covered by shadow. No additional components are required and it is suitable for light to medium shading. Shadefix ensures that solar cells that are limited by shadow are avoided and therefore do not restrict the cells that are fully exposed and used.

SMA Smart Connected

SMA Smart Connected basically monitors all SMA inverters automatically. After installation and registration of the Sunny Boy 3.0-1AV-41 inverter, the installer and owner will be contacted automatically if deviating performance is detected. This allows them to take further steps. If a replacement inverter is required, it will be delivered within 1 to 3 days.

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Artikelnummer SB3.0-1AV-41
Marke SMA
Hersteller SMA
Herstellungsland Deutschland
Garantie in Jahren 5
HS-code 85044085
Wechselrichter Typ String
Anzahl der Phasen Einphasig
Max. DC-Eingangsleistung (W) 5500
AC-Ausgangsnennleistung 3000
Anzahl MPPT 2
Schutzart (IP) IP66
Weitere Informationen
Geeignet für Außenmontage Ja
DC Switch Ja
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Nein
Trafo Nein
Datenlogger Nein
Anzeigen Nein
Ethernet Ja
Breite (mm) 435
Höhe (mm) 470
Tiefe (mm) 176
Gewicht (kg) 17.5

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