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The SMA Sunny Island 6.0H-13 is a battery-inverter for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Together with a battery unit, a Sunny Island battery-inverter forms a voltage grid for all electrical devices and power generators. The Sunny Island takes over all controls and processes, is extremely well protected, very safe and carries a 10 year warranty.

On-grid and off-grid

The Sunny Island 6.0H-13 can be used in both single- and three-phase off-grid systems. Upgrading a system by adding SMA battery-inverter is always a possibility. A Sunny Island battery-inverter can be grid-connected to the public grid, or in off-grid installations in an environment without grid facilities. It is suitable to support off-grid systems from 2 kilowatts up to 300 kilowatts. Worldwide there are already more than 120,000 installations equipped with the Sunny Island inverter.

The safety of the inverter is guaranteed by the high IP54 protection class, which means that it is splash-proof and dust-free. It also has a very high overload capacity. Even in the toughest conditions, optimal operation can be guaranteed.

Compared to the Sunny Island 4.4M-13, the 6.0H-13 variant does have Parallel switching and Multicluster functionality.

24 hours a day

This battery-inverter is equipped with the SMA Flexible Storage System. Self-generated solar energy is stored and can be used 24 hours a day.


With an integrated web interface and the standard interfaces WLAN () and internet, the Sunny Island 6.0H-13 is easy to configure and/or monitor with a tablet or smartphone.


Sunny Island 6.0H-13 has a standard warranty of 5 years. After registering the supplied data sheet, or registering via the Sunny Portal, the warranty will be extended to 10 years.

Artikelnummer SI6.0H-13
Marke SMA
Hersteller SMA
Herstellungsland Deutschland
Garantie in Jahren 5
HS-code 85044085
Wechselrichter Typ Off-grid
Anzahl der Phasen Einphasig
AC-Ausgangsnennleistung 6000
Schutzart (IP) IP54
Weitere Informationen
Geeignet für Außenmontage Ja
DC Switch Nein
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Nein
Anzeigen Ja
Ethernet Ja
Breite (mm) 467
Höhe (mm) 612
Tiefe (mm) 242
Gewicht (kg) 63

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