SolarEdge 3PH Wechselrichter, 25kW, Kabelverschraubung, DC Sicherheitseinheit mit Schalter


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SolarEdge 3PH Omvormer, 25kW, Glens, DC safety unit met switch, AC & DC SPD, Fuses, RSD, met SetApp configuratie (SE25K-RWR0IBNZ4) is a three-phase commercial inverter with connection glands to connect the DC cabling. It does not have MC4 connectors.

The inverter is also equipped with a type 2 DC overvoltage protection and a Surge Protection Device (SPD). In terms of communication, two RS485 ports and one Ethernet connection are integrated. It is possible to connect to the inverter via wifi. However, a separate antenna is required for this. The SolarEdge SetApp can then be used for commissioning and monitoring.


A connection via RS485 is possible via two ports which are standard in the inverter. There is also an Ethernet port. It is possible to use a wi-fi network, but this requires a separate antenna.


Arc protection, leakage current and overvoltage protection are all present. Electric arcs are not uncommon. For example, they occur during normal use of switches and plugs. Arcs that take on certain proportions, for example due to defects, can be harmful or even result in fire. Leakage currents also occur. Often these are innocent and are disposed of without any problems. If a person comes into contact with a certain component that experiences leakage currents, this can result in dangerous situations. The leakage current protection ensures that the system switches itself off within 20 to 40ms as soon as a person comes into contact with the circuit. This prevents electrocution.

DC safety unit with switch

The supplied DC safety unit with switch is located underneath the inverter. This switch is a two-pole DC switch. This ensures that both the neutral and the phase wire are interrupted, so that the entire system will be free of power. The SPD will protect the system against overvoltage caused by lightning strikes, for example.

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Weitere Informationen
Artikelnummer SE25K-RWR0IBNZ4
Deals Positive Energy Deals
Marke SolarEdge
Hersteller SolarEdge
Herstellungsland Israel
Garantie in Jahren 12
HS-code 85044086
Wechselrichter Typ String
Anzahl der Phasen Dreiphasig
Max. DC-Eingangsleistung (W) 25000
AC-Ausgangsnennleistung 25000
Anzahl MPPT 3
Schutzart (IP) IP65
Weitere Informationen
Geeignet für Außenmontage Ja
DC Switch Ja
Überspannungsschutz Typ II DC
Arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) Ja
Trafo Nein
Anzeigen Nein
WLAN Antenne erforderlich (nicht enthalten)
Ethernet Ja
Breite (mm) 315
Höhe (mm) 775
Tiefe (mm) 260
Gewicht (kg) 48

Datenblatt SolarEdge 3PH Wechselrichter, 25.