SolarEdge StorEdge – 5.0kW SetApp



StorEdge 1-phase AC coupled inverter with HD-Wave battery storage technology, designed for PV systems without battery storage, for residential application.

Designed for upgrading existing installations of SolarEdge 3-phase inverters or external inverters to the StorEdge grid solution. The SolarEdge AC-coupled inverter only manages battery charging and does not work with power optimizers or as a standard solar inverter.

  • Compatible with the StorEdge interface and various battery brands
  • Quick and easy commissioning via SetApp
  • All the advantages of HD-Wave inverter: efficiency, lightweight, small and reliable
  • Monitoring battery status, energy production and self-consumption
  • Specially designed for use with SolarEdge 3-phase inverters and non-SolarEdge inverters
  • Advanced Safety Features – Integrated Arc Flash Protection
  • Will not work with power optimizers or as a standard solar inverter


Includes a standard 12-year warranty, which can be extended to 25 years. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations and is available in 3.68 kW and 5 kW models.

    • Artikelnummer295253
    • Produktnr.SE5000H-RWSACBNN4
    • WechselrichtertypRetrofit storage
    • Bliq control-kompatibelJa
    • Breite370 mm
    • Höhe280 mm
    • Tiefe142 mm
    • Gewicht9 kg
    • Ausgangsnennleistung AC5000 W
    • Einspeisephasen1-phasig
    • Schutzart (IP)IP65
    • TypSE5000H-RWSACBNN4
    • HerstellerSolarEdge
    • Serie1-Fase Hybride
    • Hergestellt inChina
    • Einheiten pro Palette48
    • Produktgarantie12