Solplanet ASW08kH-T2


Artikelnummer: OE8000-60-04-AUP Kategorien: ,


Easy to install
The ASW 5-12K-H-T2 series is designed to be wall-mountable and installed easily with standard tools and the Phoenix Contact DC connectors make these inverters compatible with a wide range of solar panels. Optional Plug & Play and 4G dongles connect them to the internet and allow up to five to be monitored by Solplanet’s user-friendly mobile application.
Durable and versatile
The ASW 5-12K-H-T2 series of solar inverters embodies power and versatility. With up to 150% PV array oversizing, these inverters maximize yields. Offering 100% unbalanced three-phase AC output and a UPS-level switching time under 10 ms, they ensure uninterrupted performance. The IP66-rated design ensures durability for outdoor use.
The ASW 5-12K-H-T2 series offers seamless setup, commissioning, and monitoring through the intuitive Solplanet app. Intelligent work modes and customizable battery management, catering to depth of discharge (DOD), time of use, and power settings, ensure tailored energy solutions.
The ASW 5-12K-H-T2  series consists of
  • ASW05kH-T2 with a capacity of 5 kW
  • ASW06kH-T2 with a capacity of 6 kW
  • ASW08kH-T2 with a capacity of 8 kW
  • ASW10kH-T2 with a capacity of 10 kW
  • ASW12kH-T2 with a capacity of 12kW
Artikelnummer OE8000-60-04-AUP
Marke Solplanet
Garantie in Jahren 10
HS-code 85044086
Wechselrichter Typ Hybrid
Smart 4G
Anzahl der Phasen Dreiphasig
Max. DC-Eingangsleistung (W) 12000
AC-Ausgangsnennleistung 8000
Anzahl MPPT 2
Weitere Informationen
Schutzart (IP) IP66
Geeignet für Außenmontage Ja
DC Switch Ja
Überspannungsschutz Typ II DC & Typ III AC
Ethernet Ja
Breite (mm) 545
Höhe (mm) 465
Tiefe (mm) 205
Gewicht (kg) 24.5

Datasheet 5-12k-HT2-Series